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Whats so unique about Dc world wides education?1

pDc world wide gives you the future technology today. It teaches you everything right from basics of computers to the latest and most advanced technologies. Dc world wide understands that to excel in any job, besides having technical knowledge, one needs to have a good English and personality too. So, it offers courses on these subjects too. Beside it, Dc world wide has a lot more to offer for senior school children, housewives and senior citizens./p

What do you mean by Online Education?2

pOnline Education is the latest mode of course delivery through the use of Internet, where in all the resources for education are provided online./p

For Online courses, do I need to have a computer of my own?3

pIt is not necessary to have a computer of your own. You can work from any place having a computer connected to Internet/p

Does one need to be a computer expert for studying online?4

pNo, one doesn't need to be a computer expert. A brief tutorial will be provided before one start an online course. This tutorial will provide adequate knowledge for taking an online course to candidates who are novice computer users or have no previous computer experience/p

What all courses are available online?5

pFor beginners, we have course on windows, Fireworks, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Data Representation, English Grammar, Fitness Programme, Tally, Internet Help, Basics in Computer & Internet, HTML, MS- Office, Management and Classic Books.br / For Professionals, we have course on ASP, Bluetooth, ColdFusion, C++, C#, DHTML, Java Basics, Java Advance, Java Script, Oracle 9i, SQL, XML, and XSL.br / There are Personality Development and English Speaking course for all.br / Beside this, we have solved question papers of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for class XII students/p

Does the online education system really work?6

pOnline education is where the world is moving to. Some of the best universities of the world like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) have started offering ONLINE courses. The system encounters no boundaries, no expense, and no cultural, and personal hassles associated while actually going to a real time education center. In this system, one can learn at his own pace, and time, their are no lecture rooms, no missed classes, no fear, no anxiety, no hassles, no timing problem, In-fact because you are the boss, this system is gaining popularity at a phenomenal rate throughout the world. This is the system of future, and we are proud to be one amongst the first in the world to present it/p

What if anyone needs help during Online Study?7

pHelp is always at your hand. You can post your queries on our Online Discussion Board and our panel of experts will answer them. The discussion board is open to all the members of the program, and the queries can be answered by anyone, who is comfortable with the subject. If the answer is wrong, our system administrator corrects it, and if right, he lets it stay there, for all times to come/p

What are the benefits of E-learning?8

pSome of the benefits of E-learning are-br / You can study whenever you feel like at the convenience of your home.br / You can learn at you own pace.br / You can learn more with less cost.br / You can learn irrespective of age or profile.br / And with our €œeach one teach two€ program, you can also earn money while you update your skills/p

What is the procedure for taking online examination?9

pAfter logging on to the site, go to admin page and click on online examination. Choose the exam you want to take/p

When can I take an Online Examination?10

pYou can take an Online Exam whenever you like to check your proficiency/p

When are scores reported?11

pImmediately following the examination you will receive your score report. The report will contain your score in the examination and your weak and strong points/p

Does Online Exams have certificates?12

pYes, Online exams have online certificates. The online certificate will be displayed to you immediately after successful completion of the exam. The same certificate bearing your result shall be mailed to your default email address at the same time/p

Are their any other types of certificates also?13

pYes, depending on the kind of examination that you have chosen to give, you get an Online certificate for an Online exam, and a real time certificate for a real time exam/p

Are there any scholarships?14

pWe do intend to come out with scholarships for our real time centers, but only for the most deserving students. The criteria would be qualifying examinations/p

What is the targeted audience of the program?15

pThe program has been designed to cater to 20yr. old to 45 yr. old.br / Most of us take computers as a replacement for typewriters, but trust us they can do lot more, and this is what we teach in our program for beginners. And for people who intend to choose software as a profession, we have something even better to offer. Emphasis is made to keep all information and education as per the latest industry standards/p