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Extended Services

01. Royality Program:

The Exclusive Dc world wide Royalty Program is finally here. Starting from 1st week of May, all those who qualify shall receive incentives for promoting their business further.
Terms and Conditions:
a) All the associates who have reached the position of Diplomat or above will receive 2% Royalty, starting from the month of May.
b) To be eligible to receive royalty, the associate should draw at least three incentive cheque in a month.
c) Needs to submit monthly report.
d) Should have Qualified SOP course.
e) All royalty holders should have passport.

02. New Social Offer:

FIVE Introduction of Physically Handicap (Loss of limb)
TEN Introduction of a Widow
Terms and Conditions:
1) An Associate above Five orbit can introduce ONE Physically Handicap in downline.
2) Medical Certificate of Physically Handicap (loss of limb) has to send to the Delhi Office, which is to be verified and signed by an upline who is above 10 orbits.
3) Bank Account no. of Physically Handicap to be send along with the Medical Certificate.
4) An Associate above Ten orbits can introduce ONE Widow in downline.
5) Documents/Certificate shall be required of Widow, which is to be verified and signed by an upline who is above 20 orbits.
6) The above entries shall not be treated as as a sale and no incentive shall be distributed for the same.
7) Physically Handicap and Widow site are non-transferable.