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Compensation plan
Dc world wide offers you the BEST remuneration plan.
1. You earn commission on the basis of the number of education package sold or received by us from your down lines.
2. Every time you make 50 students under your leadership, with at least 1/3 on the weak side you earn a commission of Rs.25,000/, and are said to complete 1 CYCLE.
3. Upon completion of an Cycle, you start over again and all Team Education Package Sales that were not used to complete an Cycle are used in the calculation of compensation for the next Cycle
There is no limit to the number of times in a day that you may Cycle but there is a limit of Rs.1,50,000 per week that can be earned by any one Business Center in each weekly pay period. There is no requirement to pay any amount of money to start another Cycle and there is no "higher level" Cycle that requires any payments of money to enter. One simply starts a new Cycle automatically upon completion of each Cycle.

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Commissionable Sales
You earn compensation only for your "Team Education Package Sales" and not for just recruiting others into this program."Team Education Package Sales" includes all Commission-able Education Package Sales achieved as a result of your Team's effort. These include Commission-able Education Package Sales made as a result of the efforts by you, your Down-line Education Package Sales Team and from your direct Up-line.
Commission-able Education Package Sale includes your enrolling others into the Each one teach two Program, and Education Package Sales of other products and services that may be offered later